Euro 2024 Fixtures – What Channel is Each Game On?

Euro 2024 is just a few weeks away, and for those like me who love watching as many games as they can of a tournament, knowing what time and which channel each game is on is vital. Below is a list of every game at Euro 2024, along with what time & which channel you can watch it on in the UK.

Euro 2024 – What Channel is Each Game On in the UK?

Simply check the fixture you want to watch in the table below!

DatesKick offHome/AwayGroupMatchBBC1/ITV
Friday 14 June 20248.00PMGermany v ScotlandGroup AMatch 1ITV
Saturday 15 June 20242.00PMHungary v SwitzerlandGroup AMatch 1ITV
Saturday 15 June 20245.00PMSpain v CroatiaGroup BMatch 1ITV
Saturday 15 June 20248.00PMItaly v AlbaniaGroup BMatch 1BBC1
Sunday 16 June 20242.00PMPoland v NetherlandsGroup CMatch 1BBC1
Sunday 16 June 20245.00PMSlovenia v DenmarkGroup DMatch 1BBC1
Sunday 16 June 20248.00PMSerbia v EnglandGroup CMatch 1BBC1
Monday 17 June 20242.00PMRomania v UkraineGroup EMatch 1BBC1
Monday 17 June 20245.00PMBelgium v SlovakiaGroup EMatch 1BBC1
Monday 17 June 20248.00PMAustria v FranceGroup FMatch 1BBC1
Tuesday 18 June 20245.00PMTurkey v GeorgiaGroup DMatch 1BBC1
Tuesday 18 June 20248.00PMPortugal v Czech RepublicGroup FMatch 1BBC1
Wednesday 19 June 20242.00PMCroatia v AlbaniaGroup BMatch 2ITV
Wednesday 19 June 20245.00PMGermany v HungaryGroup AMatch 2ITV
Wednesday 19 June 20248.00PMScotland v SwitzerlandGroup AMatch 2ITV
Thursday 20 June 20242.00PMSlovenia v SerbiaGroup CMatch 2ITV
Thursday 20 June 20245.00PMDenmark v EnglandGroup CMatch 2BBC1
Thursday 20 June 20248.00PMSpain v ItalyGroup BMatch 2ITV
Friday 21 June 20242.00PMSlovakia v UkraineGroup EMatch 2BBC1
Friday 21 June 20245.00PMPoland v AustriaGroup DMatch 2BBC1
Friday 21 June 20248.00PMNetherlands v FranceGroup FMatch 2BBC1
Saturday 22 June 20242.00PMGeorgia v Czech RepublicGroup FMatch 2BBC1
Saturday 22 June 20245.00PMTurkey v PortugalGroup FMatch 2ITV
Saturday 22 June 20248.00PMBelgium v RomaniaGroup EMatch 2ITV
Sunday 23 June 20248.00PMScotland v HungaryGroup AMatch 3BBC1
Sunday 23 June 20248.00PMSwitzerland v GermanyGroup AMatch 3BBC2
Monday 24 June 20248.00PMAlbania v SpainGroup BMatch 3BBC2
Monday 24 June 20248.00PMCroatia v ItalyGroup BMatch 3BBC2
Tuesday 25 June 20245.00PMFrance v PolandGroup DMatch 3BBC1
Tuesday 25 June 20245.00PMNetherlands v AustriaGroup DMatch 3ITV4
Tuesday 25 June 20248.00PMDenmark v SerbiaGroup CMatch 3ITV
Tuesday 25 June 20248.00PMEngland v SloveniaGroup CMatch 3BBC1
Wednesday 26 June 20245.00PMSlovakia v RomaniaGroup EMatch 3BBC1
Wednesday 26 June 20245.00PMUkraine v BelgiumGroup EMatch 3BBC2
Wednesday 26 June 20248.00PMCzech Republic v TurkeyGroup FMatch 3ITV
Wednesday 26 June 20248.00PMGeorgia v PortugalGroup FMatch 3BBC2
Saturday 29 June 20245.00PMRunner-up Group A v Runner-up Group BMatch 38BBC1
Saturday 29 June 20248.00PMWinner Group A v 3rd Group D/E/FMatch 40BBC1
Sunday 30 June 20245.00PMRunner-up Group D v Runner-up Group EMatch 42BBC1
Sunday 30 June 20248.00PMWinner Group G v 3rd Group A/B/CMatch 41BBC1
Monday 1 July 20245.00PMWinner Group E v 3rd Group A/D/E/FMatch 39ITV
Monday 1 July 20248.00PMRunner-up Group B v Runner-up Group CMatch 43BBC1
Tuesday 2 July 20245.00PMWinner Group D v Runner-up Group FMatch 44ITV
Tuesday 2 July 20248.00PMWinner Group B v Runner-up Group EMatch 45BBC1/ITV
Friday 5 July 20245.00PMWinner Match 39 v Winner Match 37Match 46BBC1/ITV
Friday 5 July 20248.00PMWinner Match 41 v Winner Match 42Match 47BBC1/ITV
Saturday 6 July 20245.00PMWinner Match 40 v Winner Match 38Match 48BBC1/ITV
Saturday 6 July 20248.00PMWinner Match 43 v Winner Match 44Match 49BBC1/ITV
Tuesday 9 July 20248.00PMWinner Match 45 v Winner Match 46Match 50BBC1/ITV
Wednesday 10 July 20248.00PMWinner Match 47 v Winner Match 48Match 51BBC1/ITV
Sunday 14 July 20248.00PMWinner Match 49 v Winner Match 50Match 52BBC1/ITV