Everton’s Fascinating Move: Did They Need El Bilal Toure?

By Biloblue - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=123884858

The 2023 summer transfer period is well underway and has been full of jaw-dropping surprises. One such surprise was El Bilal Toure’s rejection of Everton’s transfer bid. A bid that was worth £25 million.

Toure cannot be blamed for his wavering attention, especially as he’s been courted by Atalanta and Everton has suffered the embarrassment of revealing their recent financial discrepancies. So, what does the upcoming season hold for Everton, and can they survive without El Bilal Toure?

El Bilal Toure

Fans eager to bet on Everton matches could see the odds changing if Everton fail to secure El Bilal Toure for their line-up in the upcoming season. Toure may be at the beginning of his career, with only three years in the professional leagues under his belt, but he has already proven himself to be a skilled player worth watching.

The center-forward has scored eighteen goals and assisted with a further 7 during the course of his career at both Reims and Almeria. Given that Toure is only twenty-one, he still has years to hone his tactical and physical skills and grow into a formidable offensive player. As such, it’s of little surprise that both Everton and Atalanta want to secure him for themselves.

A Bidding War

Everton first expressed an interest in Toure when the international transfer window opened in July. Dyche was eager to strengthen the team’s offensive strategy, especially after selling Ellis Symms and fearing the additional loss of Neal Maupay.

However, the Toffees were not the only team interested in Almeria’s striker. Atalanta was fiercely pursuing Toure in response to his impressive season at Almeria, during which he scored seven goals in twenty-one games. It’s highly likely that Toure would have gone on to net even more goals but, unfortunately, he was forced to sit out of two and half months of play due to an injury.

While Everton was initially able to hold their own during the bidding war and proposed a bid worth approximately £25 million, it seems that they have lost out to the Italian team. Amid financial concerns about the club, it is of little surprise that they were not able to match Atalanta’s offer. Toure’s transfer has yet to be confirmed, but Atalanta has made an offer worth £26.5 million and Toure was seen attending a medical examination in Italy.

So, what’s next for Everton?

Does Everton Need El Bilal Toure?

El Bilal Toure is undoubtedly a talented up-and-coming player, but he is not the only striker that Everton are interested in securing. With only two weeks left in the transfer window before play resumes in the Premier League, Everton desperately needs to strengthen their offensive department by acquiring stronger strikers and forwards.

Luckily, Dyche has a plan in place. In addition to courting Toure, Everton have also expressed interest in Yuri Alberto and Boulaye Dia. Both players have performed exceptionally well in recent seasons, with Alberto scoring 56 goals and assisting nineteen goals throughout his club career. Statistics like that are difficult to ignore as fans and commentators alike become more fearful of Everton’s potential relegation.

With two weeks left to transfer players, Everton must act quickly or risk another season riddle with offensive mistakes and further financial losses.

Final Thoughts

While Everton appears to have missed out on securing El Bilal Toure, several viable options remain. They may have a smaller budget to play with, but with the opportunity to exchange or loan players, there are still plenty of opportunities for Everton to strengthen their 2023/2024 offering and wow fans with a much-needed change of pace.