Everything You Need to Know About the European Championships and a Glimpse at EURO 2024

The European Championships also famously referred to as the Euros, is one of the biggest events in the soccer calendar. Known more commonly as the Euros, the competition is a national team football championship that is held every four years to determine the best football teams in Europe. As EURO 2024 starts, people have become more enthusiastic about the games because they want to see great performances and displays of talent and emotions that define this championship.

Read on for all the information on the Euros and what to look forward to in EURO 2024. Whether you are making a wager on the championships on one of the platforms on this sportsbook review or simply want to know more about their history, we have got you covered.

Introduction to the European Championships

The European Championships started in the year 1960, this was started by the UEFA which is the Union of European Football Associations with an aim of creating a competition platform for European national teams. The first championship was held in France, and the Soviet Union claimed the trophy by defeating Yugoslavia in the final. Since then the Euros has expanded in terms of the number of participating countries and popularity and is now one of the biggest tournaments in the soccer calendar.

These changes have occurred over the years concerning the format of the tournament. At first, only four teams were involved in the finals; however, this was increased to eight teams in 1980, sixteen teams in 1996, and twenty four teams in 2016. This has provided more countries an opportunity to enter the competition thus enhancing the competition’s popularity and offering the fans a chance to watch a large number of teams and different styles of play.

The Relevance of Euros

The Euros are generally considered to be a benchmark by which the strength of a nation’s soccer team is judged in Europe. Hence, emerging as the winner of a tournament is a big deal in the world of football; it is nearly as valuable as the FIFA World Cup. This tournament is one of the most desirable because the matches are always of high quality and involve the top-ranked players. It also gives a chance to upcoming talents to perform on a big stage.

Berlin, DE, October 2022: UEFA Euro 2024 flag flying. The 17th edition will take place from 14 June to 14 July 2024 in Germany. Selective focus. International sport event. 3D illustration

To the fans, the Euros are a time to express and display their national identity and watch football. This is an exciting tournament and fans from all over Europe come to support their teams. It is something that cannot be felt during any other tournament and that is why the Euros is something that fans of soccer love.

EURO 2024: What to Expect

The European championship EURO 2024, which will be held in Germany, is expected to be very interesting and memorable. Germany with its long-standing history of soccer excellence and advanced facilities is in a good position to stage a great event. The tournament will be held across ten cities: The important cities that this conglomeration comprises include Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Leipzig, Dortmund, and Gelsenkirchen. Every city has its culture, and this adds on to the fun of the whole event.

Teams and Format

Following previous editions, the competition will be played with 24 teams in six groups of four. The first and second placed teams of each group and the four teams that are the third in their groups are to progress to the knockout stage. This format makes the group stage quite interesting and competitive with the teams fighting for a spot in the Round of 16.

Key Contenders

Some of the teams are favorites for the title, among them several teams can be named. The current champions of the world and the defending champions of this tournament Italy will be aiming to do the same as they did in the EURO 2020. France is the last World Cup champion, and with a strong and experienced team, they are one of the teams to watch. Germany being the home nation will have the home crowd behind them and will be keen to put up a good show on their home ground.

Some other teams to look up to are the Spanish team due to their technical and tactical nature and the English team that was a finalist in the previous tournament and has young players. Others such as Belgium and Portugal have a blend of the experienced and the new breed players who can equally pose serious threats in the tournament.

Players to Watch

EURO 2024 will be hosted by some of the world’s greatest players who will be ready to create their legacy. Fast and deadly finisher Kylian Mbappe will be a strengthened player for the French team. Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, who played a very important role in the team achieving the EURO 2020 title, will play an important role again.

The Three Lions of England will be relying on their main man and one of the most clinical strikers in the world, Harry Kane. At the same time, the Portuguese youngster Joao Felix and the Belgian midfielder Kevin De Bruyne will be the main stars of the game. Other promising youngsters who may also have a big say include Spain’s Pedri and Germany’s Jamal Musiala.

The Fan Experience

Probably one of the best things about the EURO 2024 is the fans. Germany is a country that has many cities that have rich cultures, welcoming people, and of course soccer. There will be lively fan zones, public viewing areas, and a festive spirit all throughout the tournament for fans. Germany has always been famous for its history, food, and architecture alongside the soccer games that will be on display during the EURO 2024.

Sustainability and Legacy

Germany is targeting sustainability for the EURO 2024 tournament. To that end, the tournament has implemented several measures to reduce its negative effect on the environment, such as the use of green energy sources, the provision of public transport, and the promotion of waste management measures. The tournament’s impact is also of great importance, with the concept of improving customers’ lives and developing soccer from the ground up.


EURO 2024 will be a great event that will demonstrate football, patriotism, and the spirit of the nation. With the tournament starting, people all over the world are ready for a month of great action. Whether you are a soccer junkie or a simply an occasional viewer, EURO 2024 will guarantee Action, Suspense and Great Moments. Thus, for those who would want to get more involved and participate actively in the tournament, they can find various ways of doing so with the help of the internet.