The Mexican top-flight football league, known as Liga MX, is inarguably the biggest on the continents of North America and South America, with only the German Bundesliga, English Premier League and Spanish La Liga boasting more attendance than it on the planet.

18 teams play in the Liga MX, with the season divided into the Apertura tournament (July to December) and the Clausura tournament (January to May) and a winner emerging after each tournament following a play-off (Liguilla) involving the best eight teams at the end of a round-robin competition.

With promotion and relegation currently on hold after the Ascenso MX – the second division of the Mexican football league system – was folded due to the coronavirus pandemic and lack of finances in 2020, here are all the Liga MX teams.


Club America were founded in 1916 and have won 35 trophies.

They are based in Mexico City, with the 87,523-capacity Estadio Azteca their home ground – the largest stadium in Latin America.

They play at home in yellow-cream kits and away in navy blue kits.

America are also known as Aguilas (Eagles), Azul-Cremas (Blue-Creams) and Millonetas (Millionaires), and are one of the two clubs in the world that are the outright record winner of their national league, cup competition, and confederation.

They are owned by Televisa – a Mexican multimedia mass media company and have never been relegated.

Club America Trophy Records

America have a record 13 Liga MX titles to their name, a record six Copa Mexico/Copa MX (Mexico Cups), six Campeon de Campeones (Champion of champions) and a record seven CONCACAF Champions’ Cups/Champions League, making them the most successful and most decorated club in Mexican football.


Club Atlas were founded in 1916 and have won 12 major trophies.

They are based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, with the 56,713-capacity Estadio Jalisco their home ground.

At home, they play in half red and half black kits, while they don white kits on the road.

Atlas are also called Los Rojinegros (The Red-and-Blacks), Los Zorros (The Foxes), La Academia (The Academy) and La Furia (The Fury).

They are owned by Grupo Orlegi – a business management consultant in Mexico City and there is a rivalry between them and Chivas as they are from the same city.

The derby between the duo is known as the Clasico Tapatio and it is believed to be the oldest football derby in Mexico as it dates back to 1916.

How many trophies have Atlas won?

Atlas have won three Liga MX titles, four Copa MX cups and five Campeon de Campeones.

Atletico San Luis

Atletico San Luis were founded in 2013 and are yet to win any major trophy.

They are based in San Luis Potosi, with the 25,709-capacity Estadio Alfonso Lastras their home ground.

They are also known as Los Atleticos (The Athletics), earning promotion to Liga MX in 2019 after winning the Clausura 2019 in the Ascenso MX (second division).

Atletico San Luis play at home in white and red stripes kits and in navy blue mixed with yellow away from home.

They are owned by Atletico Madrid.

Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul were founded in 1927 and have won 25 major trophies.

They are based in Mexico City, with the 87,523-capacity Estadio Azteca also their home ground.

Cruz Azul have nine Primera Division/Liga MX titles, six CONCACAF Champions’ Cups/Champions League, four Copa Mexico/Copa MX titles, three Campeon de Campeones, one Supercopa de la Liga MX, one Supercopa MX and one Leagues Cup under their belt.

They wear blue kits at home and white kits away, with them being the only Mexican team that include official cheerleaders (Las Celestes) as part of their group.

Cruz Azul are also known as La Maquina (The Machine), Los Celestes (The Sky-Blues), Los Cementeros (The Cement Makers), Las Liebres (The Hares) and Los de La Noria (The Guys from La Noria).

They are owned by Cemento Cruz Azul – a cement company in Mexico and their main rivals are America, with both clashing in the Clasico Joven.


Chivas Guadalajara

Club Deportivo Guadalajara were founded in 1906 and have won 26 major trophies.

Mostly referred to as Chivas, the Jalisco-based outfit play at the 48,071-capacity Estadio Akron and are one of the ten founding members of the Mexican First Division.

Along with Club America, Chivas have never been relegated to the second-tier division and are owned by Grupo Omnilife – a Guadalajara-based multi-level marketing company that distributes dietary supplements. They don red and black stripes kits at home and white/red kits on the road.

They are also called Las Chivas (The Goats), Chivas Rayadas (Striped Goats), Rebano Sagrado (Sacred Flock), Rojiblancos (Red and Whites), Campeonisimo (Great Champion) and El Mas Grande (The Biggest).

They have a tradition of fielding only Mexican players, with foreign players born to Mexican parents their only exception. As a result, Chivas are considered the most supported club in Mexico.

They have a long-standing rivalry with America, with the clashes between both sides dubbed El Super Clasico:

Chivas trophy record

Chivas have won 12 Primera Division/Liga MX titles, four Copa Mexico/Copa MX titles, seven Campeon de Campeones, two CONCACAF Champions’ Cups/Champions League and a Supercopa MX.


Juarez were founded in 2015 and are yet to land a major trophy.

They are based in the city of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, with the 19,703-capacity Estadio Olimpico Benito Juarez their home ground.

Juarez are owned by entrepreneur Alejandra de la Vega, securing promotion to Liga MX after winning Apertura 2015.

Also known as Los Bravos (The Braves), they wear lawn green and red kits at home, with all-red kits worn away from home.

Club Leon

Leon were founded in 1944 and have won 19 trophies.

They are based in Leon, Guanajuato, with the 27,423-capacity Estadio Leon their home ground.

They have eight Primera Division/Liga MX titles, five Copa Mexico/Copa MX wins, five Campeon de Campeones and a Leagues Cup to their name.

Leon are also dubbed Los Panzas Verdes (The Green Bellies), La Fiera (The Wild Beast), Los Esmeraldas (The Emeralds) and Los Verdiblancos (The Green and Whites), and are owned by Grupo Pachuca – a company that provides Consumer Discretionary Services.

At home, they rock green and white kits, while they play in grey and black on the road.


Monterrey were founded in  1945 and have won 16 trophies.

They play at the 53,500-capacity Estadio BBVA and are based in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

They are owned by FEMSA – a Mexican multinational beverage and retail company – and are sometimes called Rayados (The Striped-Ones), La Pandilla (The Gang), Los Albiazules (The White-and-Blues) or La Aplanadora (The Steamroller).

Monterrey play in black and white stripes at home and blue kits away from home.

They have won five Primera Division/Liga MX titles, three Copa Mexico/Copa MX, one Campeon de Campeones, one InterLiga, five CONCACAF Champions League titles and one CONCACAF Cup Winners Cup.


Mazatlan were founded in 2020 and are without any major trophy.

They are based in Mazatlan, Sinaloa and were established after the Monarcas Morelia franchise announced that it would be moving to the city of Mazatlan.

They play at the 25,000-capacity Estadio de Mazatlan and are owned by Grupo Salinas – a corporate conglomerate.

Also called Canoneros (Gunners), they play in purple and black kits at home, rocking yellow and black kits away from home.


Club Necaxa were founded in 1923 and have won 17 trophies.

They are based in Aguascalientes,with the 23,000-capacity Estadio Victoria their home ground.

Necaxa are owned by both NX Football USA LLC and Ernesto Tinajero Flores equally, with the side also called Los Rayos (The Lightning), Los Electricistas (The Electricians), Los Once Hermanos (The Eleven Brothers) and El Equipo de la Decada (The Team of the Decade).

They have won two three Primera Division titles, eight Copa MX, two Campeon de Campeones, one Supercopa MX, one CONCACAF Champions’ Cup, one CONCACAF Cup Winners Cup and one InterLiga.

At home, Necaxa don red and white stripes, and they wear all-blue kits on the road.


Pachuca were founded in 1901 and have won 13 trophies.

The Pachuca, Hidalgo-based side play their home games at the 30,000-capacity Estadio Hidalgo and are nicknamed Los Tuzos (The Gophers).

They are owned by Grupo Pachuca, with six Primera Division/Liga MX titles, five CONCACAF Champions’ Cup/Champions Leagues, one Copa Sudamericana and one North American SuperLiga under their belt.

Pachuca wear black and grey kits at home and sky blue kits on the road


Club Puebla were founded in 1944 and have won 10 trophies.

They are based in Puebla, with the 51,726-capacity Estadio Cuauhtemoc their home ground.

Puebla are owned by Manuel Jimenez Garcia,

Manuel Alejandro Ruiz Delgado and Hector Alvarez Tostado and are also called Los Camoteros (The Sweet Potatoers) and

La Franja (The Strip Band).

They play in a blue-on-white diagonal stripe at home and a white-on-black diagonal stripe on the road.

Puebla have won two Primera Division titles, five Copa MX, one Supercopa MX, one Campeon de Campeones and a CONCACAF Champions’ Cup.


Queretaro were founded in 1950 and have won two major trophies.

They are based in Queretaro City and are sometimes called Los Gallos Blancos (The White Roosters) or

Los Albiazules (The White and Blues).

They play at the 33,162-capacity Estadio Corregidora and are owned by Grupo Caliente – one of the largest sports betting companies in Mexico.

Queretaro have won one Copa MX and a Supercopa MX.

They play in black and sky blue stripes kits at home and sky blue tops and white shorts on the road.

Santos Laguna

Club Santos Laguna were founded in 1983 and have won seven trophies.

They are based in Comarca Lagunera and are owned by Grupo Orlegi.

Santos play at the 30,000-capacity Estadio Corona and are sometimes dubbed Guerreros (Warriors), Laguneros (Lakers) or Verdiblancos (Green-and-Whites).

Their home kits consist of a green and white top and green shorts, while they play in green and black kits on the road.

Santos boast six Liga MX titles, one Copa MX and a Campeon de Campeones,

Tigres UANL

Tigres were founded in 1960 and have won 18 trophies.

These include seven Liga MX titles, three Copa MX, three Campeon de Campeones, two InterLigas, one CONCACAF Champions League, one Campeones Cup and a North American SuperLiga.

Tigres are owned by UANL – Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon) Cemex (through Sinergia Deportiva) and are based in San Nicolas de los Garza, a city in the Monterrey metropolitan area.

They play at the 41,615-capacity Estadio Universitario and are also known as Los Tigres (The Tigers), La U de Nuevo Leon (The U of Nuevo Leon) and Los Auriazules (The Golden-blue ones).

Tigres wear all-yellow kits at home and all-blue kits are their away colours.

Being one of the two professional football teams of Nuevo Leon, along with rival Monterrey, the local derby between the duo is known as the Clasico Regiomontano


Club Tijuana were founded in 2007 and have won one major trophy – the Liga MX Apertura in 2012.

They are based in Tijuana, with the 26,158-capacity Estadio Caliente their home ground.

They are also owned by Grupo Caliente and are also called Los Xolos, El Xolaje (The Xolos-Crowd in Mexican Spanish) and La Jauría(The Pack).

Tijuana play in all-black kits at home and all-white kits on the road.


Deportivo Toluca F.C. were founded in 1917 and have won 18 major trophies.

They are based in Toluca de Lerdo, State of Mexico,

with the 30,000-capacity Estadio Nemesio Diez their home ground.

Toluca are owned by Valentin Diez Morodo – President of the Advisory Council of Grupo Model – and are nicknamed Diablos Rojos (Red Devils).

They have won 10 Primera Division titles, two Copa Mexico/Copa MX, four Campeon de Campeones and two CONCACAF Champions’ Cups/Champions League.

Toluca play in all-red kits at home and all-white kits away from home.

Pumas UNAM

Club Universidad Nacional were founded in 1954 and have won 14 major trophies.

The Mexico City-based outfit are owned by UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) and they play at the 58,445-capacity Estadio Olimpico Universitario.

They play in all-white kits at home and all-navy blue kits away from home, with their golden logo embedded on both shirts.

Pumas are also known as Los Universitarios (The Collegiates), La Universidad (The University), Los Felinos (The Felines), Auriazules (Gold-and-Blues) and Los de Pedregal (The Guys from Pedregal).

They have a long-standing rivalry with America, with both sides clashing in the Clasico Capitalino.

How many trophies have Pumas won?

Pumas have seven Primera Division titles, three CONCACAF Champions’ Cups, two Campeon de Campeones, one Copa Mexico and one Copa Interamericana.