How Tall is David Beckham?

David Beckham, current president and co-owner of Inter Miami, is one of the biggest names on the planet when it comes to football. Known for his career at Preston, Man Utd, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, PSG and AC Milan, Beckham has been a global superstar for nearly 25 years.

When we say he’s one of the biggest names, we don’t mean in terms of height! however, a question on a lot of people’s lips is “How tall is David Beckham”.

David Beckham’s Height

David Beckham is 1.80m. In feet and inches, that’s 5 ft 11 inches.

Despite not being the biggest in terms of height, that didn’t stop him being one of the best in the world for a number of years, and developing a huge fan base wherever he went.

How does David Beckham’s height compare with other footballers?

  • Cristiano Ronaldo – At around 6’2″ (188 cm), the Portuguese forward is slightly taller than Beckham. Ronaldo’s height, combined with his impressive athleticism, has undoubtedly contributed to his prowess in aerial duels, especially when it comes to headers.
  • Lionel Messi – Often regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, Messi stands at a notably shorter 5’7″ (170 cm). This compact stature has often been cited as a factor that aids his incredible agility and dribbling ability.
  • Diego Maradona – Another player often in GOAT (Greatest of All Time) discussions, Maradona had a similar height to Messi, standing at 5’5″ (165 cm). Like Messi, Maradona’s shorter stature allowed for a low center of gravity, enabling swift movements and turns.
  • Zinedine Zidane – The legendary Frenchman, known for his elegance on the ball, stands at 6’1″ (185 cm), making him just a tad taller than Beckham.
  • Neymar Jr. – The Brazilian sensation is quite close to Beckham in terms of height, standing at 5’9″ (175 cm). Despite this average height, Neymar’s skill set is anything but average.

How tall is David Beckham compared to the tallest players in soccer?

David Beckham’s height doesn’t come close to some of the tallest players in football – at 180cm, he’s some way off the tallest players in soccer list below:


RankPlayerHeight (cm)
1Costel Pantilimon203
2Vanja Milinkovic-Savic202
3Kristof Van Hout208
4Lacina Traoré203
5Oyvind Hoas202
6Paul Millar201
7Yang Changpeng199
8Even Iversen199
9Tor Hogne Aaroy200
10Simon Bloch Jorgensen205