Liverpool, City, or Arsenal – Who Will Win the Premier League in 2023/24

The Premier League has been a one-horse race for much of the last six years. Since the 2017/18 season, Manchester City have come close to complete domination, challenged by Liverpool for some of that time. The result is that City have won all but one of the last six titles.

Last season, the league saw a resurgent Arsenal, but the Gunners were also little more than an annoying fly for Pep Guardiola‘s men to swat on their run to their third consecutive league victory.

2023/24 is shaping up a little different, however. Rather than a charge to the front by City, the club is locked in a three-way battle for the title with Liverpool and Arsenal. At this point in the season, it could go any way, creating an exciting prospect for fans.

What Do the Bookies Think?

Betting on football is a popular way for fans to make their predictions about upcoming games and leagues as a whole, and nowhere is this more true than in the Premier League. There are plenty of bookmakers competing for attention in the popular market, with many offering promotions like Skybet free bets to enhance the value for bettors. This offer is available for new sign-ups making their first deposit.

Odds will also be changing almost constantly as the competition heats up. Right now, City remain the favourites with odds of 7/10, while Liverpool and Arsenal are very close behind with 11/4 and 6/1, respectively.

Which Team Has an Edge?

Just as the odds show, other metrics put these three teams very close together. With 24 games played by both Liverpool and Arsenal and 23 by City, the Reds have a two-point lead and one extra goal in their goal difference tally. These similarities extend further, with very similar numbers of goals for and against, showing there isn’t much between any clubs in either attack or defence.

Manchester’s Momentum

The main reason for City’s slight edge is that the club has the advantage of momentum. While both Liverpool and Arsenal have been resurgent in recent years and even more so in recent weeks, the Sky Blues have the benefit of knowing that they can win.

This is reflected by the fact that they’re the only club to have won all of their last five games, while Liverpool has drawn and lost one, and Arsenal has lost one.

Momentum can be stopped, however, so it’s still all to play for.