Newcastle United Trophy History & Honours

Photo: Arne Müseler

Newcastle United haven’t won much in recent years, but with the new owners investing heavily in the club, it’s only a matter of time before that changes, and the Magpies are lifting silverware again.

Looking at Newcastle’s honours – let’s delve deeper into Newcastle United’s history in the English Football League, highlighting their successes in both the top-tier First Division/Premier League and the second-tier Second Division/Championship.

Photo: Arne Müseler

First Division/Premier League


Newcastle United clinched their first-ever top-flight title in the 1904–05 season. Managed by Frank Watt, the team showcased exceptional skill and consistency to secure the championship.


The Magpies secured their second First Division title in the 1906–07 season under the management of William McCracken. This period marked a significant era of success for the club.


The team continued its dominance, securing another league title in the 1908–09 season. Manager Frank Watt played a crucial role in Newcastle United’s consistent performance during this period.


After a gap of nearly two decades, Newcastle United secured their fourth First Division title in the 1926–27 season. Manager Andy Cunningham led the team to success in a competitive league.

Second Division/Championship:


Newcastle United experienced a brief stint in the Second Division but quickly bounced back, securing the championship in the 1964–65 season under the management of Joe Harvey.


The Magpies faced a period of rebuilding and resurgence, winning the Second Division title in the 1992–93 season under the management of Kevin Keegan. This marked the beginning of a new era for the club.


Following a spell in the Championship, Newcastle United made a swift return to the top flight by winning the Championship in the 2009–10 season under the management of Chris Hughton.


After another brief stint in the Championship, the club secured promotion once again by winning the title in the 2016–17 season, managed by Rafa Benitez. This victory reaffirmed the team’s status in the Premier League.

Newcastle United’s success in both the First Division and the Second Division reflects the club’s resilience and ability to compete at the highest level. The early 20th-century triumphs established Newcastle United as a football powerhouse, while their more recent successes in the Championship underscore the team’s capacity to regroup and make a strong comeback. The club’s history in the English Football League showcases a blend of tradition, glory, and the ability to navigate through challenging periods.

 FA Cup


Newcastle United clinched their first FA Cup title in the 1909–10 season. Under the management of Frank Watt, the team exhibited skill and determination, defeating Barnsley 2-0 in the final replay after a 1-1 draw.


The Magpies secured their second FA Cup victory in the 1923–24 season. Under the management of Frank Watt once again, they defeated Aston Villa 2-0 in the final at Wembley Stadium.


Newcastle United won their third FA Cup in the 1931–32 season. Manager Andy Cunningham led the team to a 2-1 victory over Arsenal in the final replay after a 1-1 draw.


After a gap of almost two decades, Newcastle United triumphed in the FA Cup once more in the 1950–51 season. Under the management of George Martin, they defeated Blackpool 2-0 in the final.


The Magpies secured back-to-back FA Cup titles in the 1951–52 season. Manager George Martin guided the team to a 1-0 victory over Arsenal in the final, further solidifying their place in English football history.


Newcastle United’s sixth and most recent FA Cup triumph came in the 1954–55 season. Manager Duggie Livingstone led the team to a 3-1 victory over Manchester City in the final.


Newcastle United reached the FA Cup final but were defeated by Liverpool, losing 3-0 in the replay after a 1-1 draw.


The Magpies reached the final but were runners-up to Arsenal, losing 2-0. This marked one of their more recent deep runs in the competition.

Newcastle United’s success in the FA Cup during the early to mid-20th century firmly established the club as a force in English football. The team’s ability to secure multiple FA Cup titles, including back-to-back victories, showcased their prowess and consistency in knockout competitions. While more recent campaigns may not have resulted in lifting the trophy, Newcastle United’s historic achievements in the FA Cup remain an integral part of the club’s legacy. The tournament continues to be a significant aspect of the club’s rich history and tradition.

 Charity/Community Shield

FA Charity Shield:

Winners (1): 1909

 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup

Inter-Cities Fairs Cup:

Winners (1): 1968–69



Runners-up (1): 1996–97

 Anglo-Scottish Cup

Anglo-Scottish Cup:

Winners (1): 1974–75

 Texaco Cup

Texaco Cup:

Winners (1): 1973–74

 Other Honours

Tyne–Tees Derby:

Trophy shared with Middlesbrough (1): 1974–75