Postecoglou Dismisses Another Spurs Docu-Series

Ange Postecoglou Manager of Tottenham Hotspur embraces Son Heung-Min #7 of Tottenham Hotspur after the Premier League match Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur at Etihad Stadium, Manchester, United Kingdom, 3rd December 2023 (Photo by Conor Molloy/News Images)

Blending sports into more entertainment products has become the norm for many leagues and is increasingly being sought out by Premier League clubs. For decades, Electronic Arts has made billions on its network of licence deals to deliver a football game. With the rise of streaming, though, intimate docu-series on specific teams have become very popular.

Fans can now connect to their favourite clubs, clubs that have endured interesting campaigns, and any live games beyond a live broadcast. While very popular, Tottenham Hotspur boss Ange Postecoglou doesn’t want any part of the action. In a press conference before their 4-0 drubbing at St James’ Park, the Spurs manager said that he thinks “it becomes a bit manufactured” even though he loves documentaries, as reported by beIN SPORTS.

Just as Jürgen Klopp has come around to docu-series in his final stint as Liverpool’s manager, Postecoglou may eventually have to accept this part of the game. After all, docu-series aren’t the only ways that the league and sport overall are branching out into new areas.

Power of the docu-series

There are three headliners for the rise of the sports docu-series. There are Netflix’s many series that cover everything from motor racing to basketball, followed by Prime Video’s regularly released All or Nothing series. Then, with their capture of MLS broadcast rights, Apple TV Plus has become a major player in this scene. A huge boon for the platform was Inter Miami signing Lionel Messi and Apple producing several documentaries on the Argentinean since.

Even more are in the works. For 2024, Amazon announced its plans to put Manchester United on their platform as a new feature of a documentary series, but it’ll instead look to the team’s 1999 treble-winning season rather than doing an All or Nothing instalment. What all of these forms of program showcase is a democratisation of sports content.

From anyone going on YouTube to cover their favourite team all the way to platforms that don’t even show live sports, anyone can, in theory, gain an audience via other avenues. What’s important is that the product adds value for fans. In the case of docu-series, as is explored by Sportcal, fans get what they perceive to be authentic, behind-the-scenes peaks at the inner workings of world-class players and coaches while experiencing football in a new way.

Expanding beyond docu-series

LONDON – JULY 31: Emirates Stadium on July 31, 2013. Ashburton Grove, known for sponsorship reasons as the Emirates Stadium or simply The Emirates, is the home of Arsenal.

There are many ways to bring professional football, be it specific teams or competitions, to the fans. We’ve discussed the fad of docu-series, the ever-present EA games, but football has expanded far beyond these somewhat standard mediums of consumption. Now, football has a stake in the world of new online casino sites.

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There’s also Football Card Showdown Live, which is a novel game for betting on a home or away loss or a draw. What each of these live games does is bring football to a new arena and, potentially, connect the less engaged fans to the sport in a new way. Given how the Premier League is forever trying to become a bigger and stronger brand, it would seem logical for the league to brand a live casino game in some way.

Postecoglou may not be a fan of the medium, but football docu-series don’t look to be going anywhere for now, and further, the branching out into other forms of entertainment still has room to grow.