Roma’s Best Ever Players

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In 2027, AS Roma will celebrate their 100th birthday and are still among Italy’s best teams. Only 3-time winners of Serie A, there were a lot of great players in the team that are well-known worldwide. They didn’t manage to win the Champions League, but they won the title of Conference League the first year it was introduced 2021/22.

By DoubleJack92 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

It’s difficult to determine who should be on the top 10 list because some players that didn’t win any titles played better than others. That’s why we chose the following players as the best ever to play for Roma, who proved their worth through their play style, leadership, or performance.

15. Edin Dzeko

First up on our list of Roma’s best ever players is Edin Dzeko.

Roma wasn’t a very successful team while Dzeko played for the team. It was the Juventus era, and the rest of the teams were struggling to get near the title. But the sole reason why he is on the list is because of the number of goals he scored. In 260 matches he scored 119 goals which places him in the 3rd spot among the best Roma players as a goal scorer.

Only Francesco Totti and Roberto Pruzzo scored more goals than Dzeko, but he also had 54 assists, which is placing him among the top players based on the amount of matches he played. When it comes to Italian competition, he was most successful with Inter Milan winning 2 Cups and 2 Super Cups.

14. Amedeo Amadei

Amedeo Amadei was in the first team when Roma won their first Italian Serie A title in 41/42. He was a classic CF that scored many goals, to be precise, 110 in 234 matches. That number was huge at that time considering that you had only 30 games during the season and the games were quite close. The points between first and tenth place were less than 10, which can’t be seen nowadays.

Hight wasn’t his biggest advantage, instead, he used his strength and agility and had a play style like Ibrahimovic. He’s also a part of Roma’s history by being the youngest player to start for the first team being only 15 years old.

He later became captain and spent his best 10 years with the team. Because of the success he had with the team, he was introduced to Roma’s Hall of Fame. In its 100-year-long history, it wasn’t easy to become one of the best Roma players of all time.

13. Agostino Di Bartolomei

Bruno Conti was in the team as Agostino when they won the second Serie A title in history and the same Cup championships. So, his prime was in the 80s, and his position was a midfielder. According to sports commentators, he is one of the best Roma players and also the best Italian player to ever play the game.

When it comes to the club, he recorded 314 appearances and 69 goals. He is in the top 15 players when it comes to the number of goals scored, but fans loved to watch him play because he knew to dribble and pass like Xavi used to do. He had a lot of appearances for AC Milan as well, but the only trophies he won were with Roma.

As a defensive midfielder, it wasn’t so easy to score as many goals as he did, but the pace he had was enough to dominate Serie A during the 83/84 season.

12. Giacomo Losi

It’s hard to determine the exact statistics when it comes to the players that were in the team from the early years, but Giacomo Losi will be remembered for a while. He should be on the list of best Roma players because he had the most appearances (455), just behind De Rossi and Totti.

1964–65 Associazione Sportiva Roma – Giacomo Losi

There were a few legendary stories about Giacomo, one of them being the reason behind his nickname “Core de Roma”. The match was against Sampdoria in which he was injured but there weren’t any players available, and the result was 2:2. He managed to score the winning goal while injured from a corner kick.

The team captain never disappointed his fans but only won two Coppa Italia in 63/64 and 68/69. As one of the best Roma players, he was introduced to the Hall of Fame in 2012. His career in Roma lasted from 1955-1969.

11. Giancarlo De Sisti

Another midfielder that had a huge impact on Roma’s play style was Giancarlo De Sisti with 285 matches played and 29 goals scored. Unlike Agostino, he had a more central position where his playmaking abilities helped Italy win multiple championships. Fiorentina was one of his favourite teams, but he is on the list of best Roma players because of his impact on the team during the 60s and 70s.

Giancarlo became a European Champion with Italy in 1968 and an Italian Cup winner with Roma in the season 63/64. During that season, he showed amazing performance when it comes to long passes and possession where players struggled to take the ball from him.

There was also one trophy at that time called Inter-Cities Fairs Cup which was abolished more than 50 years ago that he won in the season 60/61.

10. Vincenzo Montella

Vincenzo Montella was one of the most intelligent players that played for the team which he used late on in his football manager career. During his 10-year-long journey with Roma, he ended up in 7th place when it comes to the number of goals scored, with 102 goals in all competitions.

He didn’t win any trophies but was a famous player well known as “Aeroplanino” because he celebrated goals by spreading his arms like airplane wings. My people think that his career as a manager is better than as a player but being among the best Roma players is definitely a title you would want to have. Besides playing 258 matches for the team he was also club manager in 2011.

9. Christian Panucci

Compared to other players on the list, Panucci spent less than a decade with Roma. The Giallorossi decided to bring him to the club in 2001 after they won the title, but he wasn’t able to help them win another one. Instead, he performed well in the Cup and won his first season with Roma.

There aren’t many defenders on lists of best Roma players, but when you look at his whole career, he won it all. Two times a Champions League winner with Real Madrid and Milan in the 90s, two times Italian champion with Milan, UEFA Super Cup winner, Spanish Champion, Italian Cup and Super Cup winner, English Super Cup and Intercontinental Cup Winner only means that you are among the best players in the world.

To be precise, he had 315 matches for Roma and 31 goals which is great for a defensive player, he deserves a spot in the top 15. Later on, he became a manager for Livorno which is a Serie D team, Ternana, and Albania in 2017.

8. Simone Perrotta

Born in 1977, Simone showed great talent from a young age which is why he was in the Italian under-21 team which won the European Championship in 2000. Only 6 years after his under-21 success, he won the World Cup with Italy.

He joined Roma in 2004 and over 9 years accumulated 325 appearances, 49 goals, and 27 assists. After a couple of years of his arrival, the team started winning some trophies including Italian Cup in the season 06/07 and 07/08, and Super Cup in 07/08.

Many people doubted him as a player when he was in Juventus and Chievo, but when you play with players from the Italian 2006 team, only being there matters considering how many superstars they had. Cannavaro, Materazzi, Barzagli, Pirlo, Inzaghi, Totti, and Toni are only some of the names from that era.

7. Cafu

Cafu didn’t have a huge number of matches for Roma, but he definitely deserves to be among the best Roma players of all time. The brilliance of this player is well-known outside of Serie A because he dominated the whole world with his national team. The two-time World Cup winner played 218 matches for this club and scored only 8 goals, which is understandable for a right-back.

He wasn’t only the best right-back in the club, many consider him the best right-back that ever played football. The quickness he had and the ability to stop any attacker on his side was out of this world at that time. Cafu holds the record for most games played for Brazil which is 142 and he was in the team that won the last Scudetto in 00/01.

Besides being the Serie A champion, he won the Super Cup in the season 01/02. Cafu spent a part of his career with Milan where he won the same trophies as with Roma and Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup twice.

6. Aldair

Another Brazilian that became fans’ favourite alongside Cafu was Aldair. This defender spent most of his career in Roma, with 436 appearances and 20 goals. He is currently in the 6th place when it comes to players with most appearances. He was also a part of the 1994 Brazilian generation that won the World Cup. But, more importantly, he won the Italian Super Cup in 00/01 and the Serie A title the same year as Cafu, 00/01.

The club decided to remove his number 6 jersey in 2003 when he left Roma, but he allowed the return after 10 years. That jersey was given to Kevin Strootman in 2013. One of the reasons for this decision is that he was a player with most appearances as a non-Italian.

He has one of the most popular nicknames among Roma fans, “Pluto”. With all the recognition that he deserves, he is also a part of their Hall of Fame since 2012.

5. Giuseppe Giannini

One of the best midfielders in Italian football, Giuseppe Giannini, played 437 matches for Roma and scored 76 goals. Before Totti became the most valuable player in Roma’s history, Giannini was that man. He had a similar playing style to Zinedine Zidane which is why he got the nickname “Principe” or Prince.

He became one of the best Roma players after 15 years with the club. Besides winning 3 Italian Cup titles in 83/84, 85/86, and 90/91, he won only Austrian Cup with Sturm Graz. Even without Scudetto, he got the recognition he deserves from the fans.

After his career as a player, he became a manager for Foggia in 2004 and switched multiple teams until 2017 when he ended his managerial career with Unicusano Fondi. Most of the teams were from lower-ranking leagues and he didn’t have too much success with them.

4. Bruno Conti

Starting with an old timer that is still with the team as a head of youth development, Bruno Conti did his part for Roma by winning a few titles. He was an outstanding player that even won the World Cup with Italy in 1982. He was a right-winger that didn’t score many goals in his 402 appearances.

With 42 goals and 16 assists, he was a player that made the match hard for opponents. There were a lot of great players during his time in Roma, which was from 1973-1991 which is also one of the reasons why he’s on the list. He stuck with the club for a long time except for a couple of seasons when he was on a loan to Genoa.

He was a part of the generation that won Serie A in 82/83, but they performed much better when it came to Cups, winning 4 of them including the seasons 79/80, 80/81, 83/84, and 85/86.

3. Roberto Pruzzo

The most valuable player of his time, Roberto Pruzzo became the 2nd player with the most goals scored for Roma. Some will argue that he is the best, but no one can beat Francesco Totti that decided his whole life to one club. Roberto isn’t among the top 10 players when it comes to the number of appearances, but he managed to score 138 goals in 315 matches.

Pruzzo holds the record for most goals scored in a single game in Serie A which is 5 against Avellino. He has 5 top goal scorer titles under his belt, an Italian Champion with Roma in the season 82/83 and 4 Italian Cups including 79/80, 80/81, 83/84, and 85/86 season.

One of the great stories was that Bruno Conti and Roberto were great friends that served in the military together which is the primary reason why Viola, coach at that time, decided to bring Bruno Conti to Roma. Those were the golden days for Roma when it was a surprise when they didn’t win the Cup title.

2. Daniele De Rossi

The second best Roma player has to be De Rossi who had 616 appearances, 63 goals scored, and 60 assists. He joined the club right after they won their last Serie A title in 00/01. He almost had a perfect record like Totti, but he decided to transfer to Boca Juniors in 2019 where he played only a few games scoring 1 goal. That whole generation of Italian players had a winner mentality which was proven in that famous 2006 World Cup when they won against France in the finals when Zinedine Zidane headbutted Materazzi.

As a defensive midfielder, De Rossi was declared footballer of the year in 2009 which was the last recognition he got from Serie A. His biggest accomplishments besides the World Cup title include two Italian Cup titles in 06/07, 07/08 and Super Cup in 07/08.

He was definitely a player that others feared because of his aggressiveness and dedication on the field. This aggressive behaviour resulted in 148 yellow cards and 11 red cards, even more than Totti who had a similar aggressive play style but also 150 more matches than De Rossi. Roma’s fans have given him the nickname “Capitan Futuro”.

1.  Francesco Totti

Number 1 in the list of the best players ever for Roma just has to be Francesco Totti. Among the best Roma players, he has the most appearances, 785 matches played, 307 goals and 209 assists. This also places him among the top 10 players in the world with the most matches played for a single team.

Totti won the Footballer of the Year 5 times and top goal scorer in 06/07 with 26 goals scored. He was also a part of the 2006 Italian team that won the World Cup, but also the Italian Champion with Roma in 00/01. The two-time Super Cup winner in seasons 01/02 and 07/08, and an Italian Cup winner in 06/07 and 07/08, Totti is every Roma’s fan favourite player of all time.

One of the things that every football fan should see is his last game for the club where every single person in the stadium showed pure emotion for one of the biggest football legends in the world.