Streaming Guide for Soccer Fans: Exploring beIN Sports and More

If you’re a soccer fan in the United States, there are numerous ways for you to catch your favorite teams, leagues, and players in action. Fubo, for instance, stands out as the top soccer streaming service due to its extensive network and channel coverage of the biggest soccer leagues worldwide. If you’re looking to enjoy major matches between prominent clubs across the globe – all without the need for cable – Fubo is your go-to streaming service. But there are other worthy options with a large list of soccer channels.

Best Soccer Streaming Services

#1 fuboTV

For soccer lovers, FuboTV stands out as a popular option. It boasts a wide range of sports channels, including renowned ones like Fox Sports, CBS, ESPN, NBC, and beIN Sports. The Pro package, with an affordable price of $74.99 per month, offers access to all the channels mentioned before, making it possible to watch not only Ligue 1 and the Turkish Super Lig, but also various European soccer leagues, such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga.

One of the richest channels in sports events is beIN Sports. You can catch exclusive soccer league coverage from around the world, both at club and international level, on beIN Sports. The French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, along with the Trophee des Champions, where clubs like RC Lens, Olympique de Marseille, and giants Paris Saint Germain compete. With FuboTV you get a beIN Sports subscription. In fact, beIN Sports streaming is also available through other streaming services. You can find out in detail how to watch beIN Sports using the link above. If you are not from the USA, then you just need to install VeePN and this will solve all the regional problems.

#2 Peacock TV

If you’re solely interested in the renowned English Premier League, which is widely acclaimed as the highest-quality soccer division worldwide, then Peacock TV could be all you require. It’s the paid streaming service offered by NBC and brings together live matches from NBC and CNBC, along with on-demand games from USA Network.

With a total of 175 Premier League matches broadcasted, this subscription service is unmatched for fans of notable clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, or Liverpool residing in the United States.

#3 ESPN+

You’ll find ESPN to be arguably the top network for soccer fans. Explore the action-packed La Liga, home to the biggest soccer rivalry in the world: Barcelona vs. Real Madrid. Witness the excitement of the Emirates FA Cup, one of the most prominent soccer competitions featuring clubs from England’s Premier League. Follow the English Football League, Carabao Cup, Scottish Premiership, United Soccer League (the second-best division in American soccer), U.S. Open Cup, Eredivisie (the Dutch league featuring Ajax), and the thrilling Indian Super League, among many others.

But no one has canceled regional restrictions, but they can also be circumvented. Just install the free VPN addon in your browser and you can change your region at will. This applies to many sports streaming services that are primarily available in the United States.

#4 Paramount+

Paramount+ excels in its coverage of Serie A.   You have the choice to listen to Italian broadcasts of Serie A games, which truly capture the emotional essence of each match. While not everyone may understand the Italian commentary, watching Italian soccer in its native language enhances the overall experience. Moreover, if you ever desire to switch to English, that option is readily available.

#5 Sling TV

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional cable and satellite TV packages, Sling TV is worth considering. The leagues and matches available for streaming depend on the package you choose. Compared to other streaming services like Hulu+ or FuboTV, Sling TV is more affordable, starting at around $40 per month. With Sling TV, you can enjoy the Premier League, MLS, and numerous European competitions.

#6 DirecTV

With DirecTV, you can access many of the leagues that FuboTV offers, making it a significant competitor with premium prices and high-quality sports content. However, if you are willing to cover the cost, DirecTV is worth considering instead of FuboTV. You can enjoy live streams of the Premier League, MLS, Serie A, and more.


You have plenty of choices to watch live soccer streams that fit your budget. If you’re interested in one or two leagues, it’s best to subscribe to individual platforms. However, for soccer enthusiasts, platforms like Sling TV, and FuboTV are great investments. FuboTV, in particular, offers a wide range of leagues for you to tune into.