That’s Why The English Premier League Is The Best In The World

April 3, 2020, Brazil. In this photo illustration a Premier League logo seen displayed on a smartphone.

When it comes to football tournaments, none compare to the English Premier League (EPL). Not only does it rank as the best football competition in the world, it also has the largest following across all sports.

The EPL has a rich history, competitive teams, and an unparalleled fan base that helps it earn its respect as the pinnacle of football excellence. With no sign of slowing down, the league continues to grow in popularity. It is currently broadcast to 600 million homes in 212 countries, and attracts up to 5 billion viewers worldwide. In 2023, the EPL continues to sparkle as a top competition. With the new season fresh and underway, find here the latest EPL schedules and the best analysis.

The History of the EPL

The English Premier League (formerly known as the FA Premier League) was established on February 20, 1992, as a breakaway from the English Football League First Division. Its purpose was to generate more revenue and have control over broadcasting rights.

The new league kicked off its inaugural season with 22 clubs competing to be crowned the champion of England. Sheffield United’s Brian Dean scored the Premier League’s first goal in a 2-1 win against eventual league winners, Manchester United. Two years later, the competition resorted to a 20-team format, which it still uses today.

With Sir Alex Ferguson in charge, Manchester United became the first dynasty team, winning seven of the first nine Premier League trophies, including two league and FA Cup doubles. The club also succeeded outside of England, winning a European treble in 1999.

The EPL’s global translation surged in the late 90s thanks to charismatic players like Eric Cantona, Alan Shearer, and David Beckham. Thanks to its newfound global fame, the league soon experienced an influx of non-British talents worldwide. Foreign investments from overseas owners also brought fresh competition into the league, as epitomized by Roman Abrahamovic’s ownership of the London-based club Chelsea.

While Manchester United dominated much of the headlines in the ’90s, the 2000s saw the rise of other competitive teams, like Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea, as United’s rivals. These four teams finished top 4 for most of the 2000s and made their marks in European competitions.

One major highlight of the 2000s was the 2003-2004 season when Arsenal became the first and, to this day, the only team to achieve an undefeated season. Dubbed “The Invincibles” by the media, their unbeaten streak further helped to grow the league’s popularity overseas. Arsenal became a household name with legions of fans in different continents.

The 2010s saw the ascendancy of Manchester City, with three EPL trophies under the ownership of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan through the Abu Dhabi United Group. City has continued to establish its dominance in the 2020s, winning three of the last four championships and one UEFA Champions League Trophy.

With its 2023 season in full swing, the EPL continues to dominate the world of football tournaments. Its popularity stretches far beyond the United Kingdom, captivating fans with its blend of top-tier talent and electrifying matches.

Why the EPL Is Considered the Best Football Tournament In the World

Talk about unparalleled competition, fine talents, the best coaches, global following, and economic firepower, no football league comes close to the EPL. England’s top-flight football tournament has earned the reputation for being the most electrifying football league in the world.

Nothing quite compares to watching a live EPL match. The collective roar of the crowd, the harmonious chants, and the palpable excitement in the air create an atmosphere that transcends the boundaries of the sport itself. Whether you’re an ardent supporter or a casual observer, the EPL’s energy is undeniably contagious.

The premier league is where the big stars come to play. Top players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry, Luis Suarez, Frank Lampard, and Steven Gerrard rose to heightened superstardom from the Premier League. Today, young players like current Golden Boot winner Erling Halaand and Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka continue to carry the league’s torch, greeting fans with fascinating offensive displays every week.

The league has also been blessed with world-star tacticians like Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelloti, and Jurgen Klopp, all of whom have made significant marks outside of England. Currently, the EPL boasts some of the most talented rosters among Europe’s top five leagues, with Manchester City sitting firmly on top of the continent’s affairs.

Thanks to its huge concentration of star power, the EPL generates a level of play week-in, week-out that makes every match a potential upset and every goal a game-changer. Unlike predictable leagues, where the most likely winners and runner-ups are already known before the season even begins, the EPL thrives on uncertainty. The league’s competitive nature, for example, saw Leicester City’s miraculous title win in 2015-2016. Just the season before, the club was rambling at the bottom of the table and just barely escaped relegation.

What makes the EPL special isn’t what happens on the pitch alone. Storylines, off-the-field drama, controversial comments from players and coaches, and fan rivalries also contribute to the EPL’s success.

Add all these factors together, and it’s no surprise why the league remains the world’s most watched pro sports competition.

EPL Facts and Statistics

Team Records

  • Most EPL wins – Manchester United (13)
  • Most points in a season – Manchester City (100 points in the 2017/2018 season)
  • Most consecutive title winsMost consecutive title wins: Manchester United (1998/1999, 1999/2000, 2000/2001), Manchester United (2006/2007, 2007/2008, 2008/2009), Manchester City (2020/2021, 2021/2022, 2022/2023).
  • Most total wins – Manchester United (727)
  • Longest unbeaten streak – Arsenal (May 7, 2003 to October 24, 2004).
  • Most goals scored in a season – Manchester City (106 goals in 2017/2018 season)
  • Fewest goals conceded in a season – Chelsea (15 goals in 2004/2005 season)

Player Records

  • Most Premier League appearances: Gareth Barry (653 games from May 2, 1998 to February 24, 2018)
  • Most seasons featured: Ryan Giggs played in every season from 1992/1993 to 2013/2014)
  • Most all time goals: Alan Shearer (260)
  • Most goals in a season: Erling Halaand (36 goals for Manchester City, 2022/2023)
  • Most goals for one club: Harry Kane (216 goals for Tottenham Hotspur).


The EPL stands shoulders high on the list of football tournaments. Its perfect fusion of history, talent, jaw-dropping highlights, and off-field endeavours continues to reinforce its position as the best and most interesting football league to watch. Whether you’re a fervent devotee or a casual observer, it’s hard to escape the EPL’s allure—it’s where the beautiful game comes alive in its purest form.