The Rise of Football Sports Betting

Sports betting is the biggest revenue holder for online gambling or betting. It has surpassed many other gaming avenues and now boasts the highest in terms of investments when it comes to placing bets. Many who are interested in sports betting start by playing more typical gambling games such as poker or Russian Roulette, with many even researching how to find the best blackjack online casino to partake in some blackjack. The premise of these games, the bets and the wagering, lay the groundwork for people’s newfound interest in sports betting.

The rise of sports betting popularity is nothing short of astounding. This article aims to shed light on some of the most important and influential factors leading to the rise of this betting style.

Improved Technology

One of the biggest reasons why sports betting has become the mammoth it is today is because of one simple thing: technology. There is not an industry that has affected the sports betting world as much as technology.

If you think about it, it makes sense. Due to the improvement in tech, many more games are now being broadcast to a larger audience. Back in the day, you could barely manage to find the live footie game within your city or country, whereas now, punters sitting in South Africa can watch the Premier League match happening between Arsenal and Manchester United without so much as a glitch in the streaming service. This has created a much more inclusive and larger audience group.

Not to mention, the fact that online betting sites are now more speedy, reliable and safe than ever. If you were to watch a live game and then try to place an immediate bet but the online wagering site is lagging and doesn’t take your bet in time, then chances are that the world of sports betting wouldn’t be what it is today. It is through the advancement of technology that sites are speedy and reliable. Technology has also come a long way in terms of safety. Through various technological means such as blockchain technology, two-factor authentication and password apps, punters now get to experience safety like they have never experienced before.

Betting Style Options

Beyond the technology, there have also been improvements when it comes to how punters can be. Two decades ago, punters would usually place a bet through a bookie at a sports bar, one decade ago they would place their bets online but only had the choice between which team would win and which team would lose. Now, punters can bet on a huge variety of things as the rise of microbetting has surfaced.

Just as the name entails, microbetting is the act of placing bets on small actions. What this means is that punters can now watch a live football game and not only bet on who will win but bet on a variety of actions such as which player will take the penalty, if the corner will result in a goal or not, which player is most likely to receive a yellow card and the list of options goes on. As you can imagine, this creates a lot of interest and fascination around the game as punters are involved in almost every second of the game, with an investment placed in almost every action an athlete takes.

The Future of Online Sports Betting

The future of any industry is impossible to predict, however, when it comes to sports betting, there is certainly a trend developing. As the most invested avenue of betting, it is most likely that this industry will continue to grow as the years progress. Many experts speak of an Artificial intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) revolution that is set to have a great impact on the way sports betting is placed. Whether this revolution will take place and punters will start using AI and VR to watch games and place bets is still unknown but it will surely be an interesting thing to watch unfold.